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Wholesale for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies


Grapharma is a dynamic wholesale company based in the Netherlands, active in import and export of a wide range of healthcare products. We make sure that all healthcare professionals and their patients can get the healthcare they need at the best possible prices. We do this by sourcing and supplying pharmaceutical and medical products globally. Our customers are located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our networks are worldwide.

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Prescription, and not subject to medical prescription.

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Medical supplies

We offer a wide range of high-quality solutions, through excellent service.

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Parallel distribution

If, for example, a registered drug in Europe is available in several countries, in the same dosage and with the same indication, then that drug my also be sold in other countries. These are the European agreements.

If there are differences in availability and prices between countries, then it makes sense to export those drugs from one country to another. In the destination country, that product must be registered and relabeled.

This is called parallel registration or parallel import.

Market knowledge through network

Parallel sales require the extensive knowledge of procedures, a great deal of market knowledge and a large network. Thanks to our wide network, Grapharma has continuous access to up-to-date market data.


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