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About Grapharma

"Parallel trade can only be sustainable if the interest of four parties are kept in mind:

the seller, the purchaser, the medical professional, and last but certainly not least, the patient.

All should benefit from better market conditions."  

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Grapharma cares for better prices and conditions for hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions, pharmacies and manufacturers.

We service our customers with a broad assortment of pharmaceuticals, medical products and disposables. Our product range can be summarized as medicines and non-prescription drugs (OTC), medical supplies, as well as human active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Our goods comply to the strictest qualifications and the best commercial prices.

Grapharma was established in 1984 by Mr. Jan van de Graaf. As an expert in parallel trade, Mr. Jan van de Graaf saw an excellent potential in this field and benefits for medical professionals and patients in Europe. Grapharma started with a wide range of prescription medicines for human use, which we still buy and sell all over Europe. In 2020 we added another portfolio to the assortment: the portfolio of medical supplies.

Parallel trade is the cross-border sale of goods within the EU by traders outside of the manufacturer’s distribution system. The commercial rationale underlying parallel trade is the ability to buy goods in one EU Member State at a relatively low price and subsequently to resell the same goods in another Member State where the current market price is higher. For pharmaceuticals, considerable variations in drug prices between EU/EEA Member States do exist. Through parallel trade, human pharmaceutical products get better and more reasonable market prices. This allows lower prices for patients, therapists, healthcare institutions, pharmacies and manufacturers.

Good quality at better market conditions

The quality of the goods is proven with registrations and documentation. Grapharma has a GDP-WDA license. This license is the wholesale license for medicinal trade.

To be successful in parallel trade, it is important to have knowledge about daily developments in the market in combination with good understanding of legal requirements. Grapharma knows the market. We know where stocks are available and where price differences between countries are such, that registered parallel import is interesting.

Do you also want to enjoy the advantages of parallel trade?

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