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Our medical supplies

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Over The Counter (OTC) items are freely marketable self-care items. Popular self-care medicines are plasters, painkillers, cough syrups, nose drops, anti-diarrhea medicines and anti-car sickness, lubricants for muscle pain or pain after bruises.



Grapharma offers a diverse range of medical instrumentation for general practitioners, surgeons, dentists, orthodontists and other healthcare professionals. We offer a complete range of instruments including needles, scalpels, scissors, tweezers, clamps and forceps.

hospital equipment


Our range of medical equipment is broad: from infusion pumps to MRI scans, from defibrillators to cooling and freezing equipment. 

cleaning gloves disposable

Cleaning disposables

Disposables are used to protect yourself and your patients. Grapharma is a good hygiene partner for healthcare professionals with a large range of disposables for cleaning.

disposables beverages food cups plates

Food/beverage disposables

Protecting the quality of food and beverages by using disposable cups, plates, knives, forks and spoons of high quality. 

Disinfection healthcare


The purpose of disinfection is to disinfect skin, surfaces or instruments. Surfaces are made pathogen-free and the contamination level is reduced. Cleaning before disinfection makes disinfection more effective.

Allergen free cover matrass

Allergen-free bed covers

Signs of dust mite allergy include sneezing, runny nose, wheezing and difficult breathing. Dust mite covers over mattresses, pillows and box spring mattresses contribute to control the allergy.

mouthmask haircover medical

Personal Protective Equipment

Face masks, medical gloves and gowns are essential for health, hygiene and recovery.